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“Byte Sized Solutions is far and away the most accomplished and productive company that I’ve worked with in terms of the number of projects, quality of work done and improving the customer EHR integration experience – they stand alone.”

— Stanley Crane
Healthcare Information Technology Industry Expert

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Byte Sized Solutions has the depth and knowledge to handle diverse data sources, file types, and integration types. This allows them to develop efficient tools to drive new processes and payer mandates.

- Terri Godar

Director of Information Services, Advocate Health Partners

Management of the project has gone so great; clear documentation, easy communication and we just work really well as a team. Byte Sized Solutions have gone above and beyond to integrate with our team.

- Donna Danko

Director of Clinical Applications, Advocate Dreyer

Byte Sized Solutions is far and away the most accomplished and productive company that I’ve worked with in terms of the number of projects, quality of work done and improving the customer EHR integration experience—they stand alone.

- Stanley Crane

Healthcare Information Technology Industry Expert

Our Case Studies and White Papers

  • Shared Savings Success: A Model for Teamwork

    Advocate Physician Partners (APP) is a leading Accountable Care Organization that unites over five thousand physicians across the Chicago Metropolitan Area and Central Illinois. They are an integral component of Advocate Health Care, one of the largest providers in the Midwest. While APP clearly excels with these programs, they are still guided by one simple principle; providing the highest quality care while striving to improve patient safety and outcomes. Their ACO first became involved with Medicare’s Shared Savings Program (MSSP) in 2012 and has been consistently reporting substantial improvements in outcomes and financial savings each year. Read The Full Story >

  • Redefining What “Partnership” Means

    Most EHR vendors excel at providing basic functionality and government compliance but often look to partners to help develop innovative features. Byte Sized Solutions provides an effective model for how partnerships can work in the complex world of Electronic Health Records (EHR). This discussion with EHR Industry Expert Stanley Cranes demonstrates how Byte Sized Solutions take the notion of "partnership" to the next level to provide the highest value possible in a working relationship. Read The Full Story >

  • Increasing Analytical Capabilities for Utilization Management

    To remain at the leading edge of healthcare, Northwestern Medicine is exploring new ways to collaborate across the health system enterprise to increase efficiency and elevate the quality of care. Northwestern Medicine Physician Partners (NMPP) is a population health management program built on the foundation of a shared physician-hospital platform and designed to meet the future demands of healthcare through collaboration and leadership. Read The Full Story >

  • Byte Sized Solutions and Occam bring appointment scheduling into the hands of patients

    Scheduling health care appointments can be time-consuming for both patient and practice. As consumers become more accustomed to immediate access to information and customer service, waiting on a phone call can seem less than satisfactory. Advocate Dreyer wanted to establish their own online scheduling system to give patients the ability to book time directly with their providers, at their convenience, 24-7. Read The Full Story >

  • How You’re Leaving Money on the Table and What to Do About It

    The administration that goes into running a hospital or health system involves a large amount of resources. Unfortunately, much of this administration is done without enough regard for the efficiency that can be achieved with technology. In some cases, administrative tasks may be determined to be overly burdensome and skipped altogether when an automated solution may allow this hidden value to be properly mined. There are a number of existing technologies and applications that can be applied to healthcare that alleviate the burden of administration and claims processing while exposing additional benefits. Download The White Paper >

  • FHIR OPS – The Digital evolution of integrated patient care

    FHIR Ops is an interoperability platform that takes the hard work out of integrating your data or application into any EMR or PM system. Based on the FHIR interoperability standard, we have developed a SaaS offering that allows you to connect to any EMR through a single interface: FHIR Ops. Think of FHIR Ops as an API on steroids, allowing you to access any EMR quickly and easily. FHIR Ops gives you the power to insert and extract data from virtually any EMR, providing you with one holistic cross-systems solution. Download The White Paper >

  • 8 Steps to a Successful EHR Conversion

    Conversions are one of the critical junctures in the life of an EHR and a practice. It represents the sunset of one system and the sunrise of another. An EHR conversion is challenging, requiring a unique mix of savvy technical deployment with carefully considered and collaborative planning. However, while conversions can be challenging, they are not new. There is a defined process that will help ensure your probability of success. While we do not cover all the possible myriad of details in this white paper, the following 8 steps will give you a good start. Download The White Paper >

  • Building Master Data Management Solutions for ACO’s

    While healthcare has always been dependent on data, the transition to value-based reimbursement dramatically raises the stakes. Specifically, it requires a degree of integration between data sources that previously was not required under a fee-forservices regime. An MDM solution allows a healthcare enterprise to standardize and pool critical data into a single database, providing a common point of reference for ACO reporting and management. This white paper discusses 7 questions to consider in preparing for and implementing an MDM for ACOs. Download The White Paper >

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