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Byte Sized Solutions partners with the best and brightest in the healthcare technology industry. Collaborating with our partners, we connect healthcare to improve performance, workflow and results in both clinical and financial settings. Learn more about our partners below.



Keena – Formed in 2020 with EHR Integration Services and Byte Sized Solutions Clinical Services, Keena is our partner for all your Clinical Solutions needs. Keena is a full-service healthcare optimization organization for clinical workflows, interfaces, conversions and archival solutions.

Keena Health Website

Byte Sized Solutions is proud to partner with Epic, a leading Electronic Health Records company. Our relationship with Epic goes back several years with data migration and conversion services for over 15 major healthcare organizations to the Epic platform. We are also in the Epic App Orchard with our LiveArchive Solution.

Epic Health Website

EagleDream Health is a healthcare IT company that supports your transition from a fee-for-service to a value-based reimbursement care model. Whether you are in the earliest stages of gain-sharing contracts or taking on risk and fully accountable care coordination, they can help you at any point during your transition. Their software enables you to reduce costs and utilization while demonstrating ongoing improvements in both quality and outcomes.

Eagle Dream Health Website

Clean and connected patient information is essential for providing the best patient care and supporting strategic HIT initiatives. Occam enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI) Software resolves duplicate patient records while keeping demographic information in sync for patient records that are split across separate registration systems. With Occam, you can quickly access the right patient records and have a complete view of patient history.

Occam Website

Clearwave’s solutions offer patients the ability to take control of their own healthcare from the moment they walk into their provider’s office. Patients who use the Clearwave registration station can quickly check in for appointments, know their requirements of eligibility, settle their co-pay, sign forms and update any necessary personal information.

Clearwave Website

Influence Health provides healthcare marketers with data-driven, multi-channel, and highly personalized solutions to address today’s digital challenges.

Influence Health Website

ProviderTech enables health-care providers, insurance payers, and pharmaceutical companies to improve quality and enhance the consumer experience through targeted patient engagement.

Provider Tech Website

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