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Our Latest Healthcare Interoperability Solution

Archiving data within the LiveArchive Data Suite is the most cost-effective solution for retaining and using patient records in a discrete, accessible, and searchable application.

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LiveArchive is centered around an EHR-agnostic healthcare data warehouse and connected to easy-to-use interactive dashboards. Using single sign-on, you can search, filter, organize and interact with all of your archived clinical and financial information. Pull up patient history from an old EHR or even invoice from legacy financials that are not in your current EHR; this new archive system will immediately improve your practice workflow. It’s like having a mini EHR attached to your archive data, without the hassle or expense.

As you may already know, state and federal laws dictate that you must retain and archive patient data for a set number of years, depending on jurisdiction and patient age. Making archived data accessible to providers in one centralized location improves your organization’s efficiency. Providers are empowered to make informed decisions based on access to historical patient data.

LiveArchive Clinical

Access archived patient medical data fast and easy. It can be used as a stand-alone application or linked to your clinical and financial systems. LiveArchive features an intuitive dashboard where you can quickly access patient name, a medical record number and data source location which are always visible at the top of your screen. In addition, you can organize data by its source location and quickly access both EHR Static and Financial Archive.

The main dashboard contains patient data in preview boxes that are categorized by field. Each preview box is customizable and can be moved and placed in any order by the user. You can view up to five data rows in each preview box. Simply click on a preview box to fully expand it and access patient information. There is a search feature within each preview box that makes searching and sorting different sets of data very simple.


Inside the App

  • Compiles reports with chart data from all of the different EHR systems. View specific reports generated from different providers/systems.
  • Quickly see results in a pop-up dialogue box. If you launch it, it will take you into all results, and your search still applies across the board. Simply click within details screen to see results values.
  • Problem area screens are consistent throughout the application with common fields including Name, Data, and Annotations.
  • Simplicity and user-friendliness were top of mind when LiveArchive Clinical Dashboard was designed.
  • Sidebar navigation allows users to quickly access different field sections. You never have to return to the home screen and start your search over.
  • LiveArchive Clinical is run through your PDF reader, enabling you to print, save, and rotate date reports. Also available in a print screen preview.

LiveArchive Financial

LiveArchive Financial is a stand-alone application that allow you to access and interact with archived financial data and better manage legacy patient financial records. Leveraging our proprietary migration and archival software, LiveArchive Financial accepts patient data from your old PM or financial system and stores it in a data warehouse. That information is readily available to your back-office staff via the LiveArchive Financial Dashboard. LiveArchive Financial ensures that your medical office can continue to bill patients from your previous system without having to maintain and pay for your old PM system. Financial Archive is an easy way to store critical patient financial data, maintain cash flow and revenue potential, while remaining compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulations.


Inside the App

  • A user can have admin access to all data within the system or they can be limited to a viewing role.
  • The dynamic patient search feature allows users to search by common fields including name, date of birth, MRN, account number, and UCRN.
  • LiveArchive Financial displays a Master Patient or Enterprise Account. Each associated account is listed out as a child account within the structure and can be expanded for more info.
  • Displays multiple accounts and includes balances and owners.
  • Different sections including Account, Notes, Insurance, Patient Charges, and Payments are located in a navigation sidebar that makes searching for specific data easier.


Release of Patient Records

If you don’t need all of the functionality of LiveArchive, StaticArchive is an excellent way to archive your EHR and clinical records for reference, compliance, and release of records. All records from your EHR are converted into static PDF files and are searchable within the StaticArchive database.

StaticArchive can run as a stand-alone application or be linked within your EHR system.

Features LiveArchive Clinical StaticArchive
View PDF Documents (Images, Scans, tiff/other file types converted to pdf’s) Will seemlessly look like the data you view in your current EHR × ×
Search Function × ×
Custom PDF Records Release (merge pdf’s, superset document) × ×
View Archived Notes (ex: encounter notes, clinical notes) × ×
High Security × ×
Storage, display and reporting capabilities for discrete data (ex: population health, meaningful use, government reporting, MSSP reporting) ×
Merge archived data with discrete (ex: x-ray and pathology result can be merged into one doc) ×
Custom Views. Users can create their own groupings of data, task lists (checkups, upcoming visits etc) ×