Creating Healthcare Connections

Improving Financial Performance in Healthcare

The business of healthcare is driven by many complex issues, but underlying everything is the capturing, sharing and analyzing of critical information.

Accurate, accessible and reliable data is essential for healthcare and Accountable Care Organizations to be effective. Byte Sized Solutions has the healthcare expertise to recognize opportunities for efficiencies in data and workflow processes, and the technical solutions needed to help your organization make room for improvement to financial performance. Improving healthcare through technology, it’s what we do.

Accountable Care Organization AND Collaborative Care Integration

Building excellent ACO services requires a deep understanding of claims processing and the algorithms that drive those processes. Byte Sized Solutions has the unique expertise in ACO data flow required to design and build effective connections between ACOs, Medicare and other payers.

Simply put, we bring efficiency in systems integration, meaning less waste and real savings for your organization. If you’re just starting out, we can partner with you to design your system and set up your ACO. If you’re already up and running, we’ll take a macro view of your data management architecture and help find efficiencies or enhancements. No matter the stage of deployment you’re in, we can help.

Case Study

ACO Integration

“Byte Sized Solutions has the depth and knowledge to handle diverse data sources, file types, and integration types. This allows them to develop efficient tools to drive new processes and payer mandates.”

Terri Godar
Director of Information Services, Advocate Health Partners

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Advocate Physician Partners (APP)

In partnership with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Advocate saved Medicare taxpayers and beneficiaries more than $60 million in 2016. Ranking second in savings of 432 ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). Advocate was among the highest in quality results while providing care to the largest group of Medicare beneficiaries.


Advocate Physician Partners (APP) saved Medicare taxpayers and beneficiaries more than $60 Million in 2016.


Of participating MSSP ACO’s will recieve a shared saving check. This percentage has remained almost stagnant for the past few years.

Some of Our Integration Services

System and Business Automation

Machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI are buzzwords that have followed in the tracks of the “big data” phenomenon. These programmatic solutions allow your data to flow automatically while incorporating insights that are “learned” from the data.

Our consultants specialize in identifying cost-saving, user-friendly opportunities that automate manual processes for our healthcare clients. Working with new and mature technologies, the solutions we provide are robust, comprehensive and manageable. Years of experience consistently confirm: fine-tuning business processes with data automation is the best way for an organization to save time and money.


The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) estimates that U.S. Healthcare industry can save an additional $11 billion annually in automating business processes around claims and eligibility data.

To learn more about our latest automation whitepaper: “How You’re Leaving Money on the Table and What to Do About It”.

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100% Audit

Reliably and easily evaluate paid claims on a periodic basis for potential errors in pricing. Our automated system handles payer outreach, creating a cost-effective way to review overpaid claims and recoup misspent funds.

  • In the past 12 months, one client has used 100% Audit to identify more than 13,000 overpaid claims—resulting in requests for recovery of more than $3 million.
  • Since starting the process in 2010, our client has requested recovery on more than $14 million in overpaid claims.


Claims Attribution

Match patients to their ideal Primary Care Physician through automated analysis of provider encounter history. With Claims Attribution, ACOs have better visibility into patient care and can better measure PCP performance, resulting in simplified administration and improved patient experience.

  • Since 2017 we have matched over 80,000 patients to a PCP for our client.


Web Automation

Easily upload, process, analyze and report on web-based data and operations. We build programs that automate payer claims, integrate CMS data and report on ACO requirements.

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To learn more about our healthcare-centered approach to Master Data Management, check out our MDM whitepaper.

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Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions

Data management is a weighty responsibility for any healthcare organization. MDM solutions are a lifeline in this sector, allowing segmented enterprises to standardize and pool critical data into a single database, and pull from this common point of reference for reporting and management.

With an MDM solution in place, Accountable Care Organizations, Health Information Exchanges and organizations involved in merger or acquisition processes can accurately consolidate information on patient identities and activities from disparate systems. By channelling cross-organizational data into a master database with integrity assurance, ACOs and HIEs gain more efficient access to reliable business intelligence, allowing for faster reporting and smarter analysis.

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Data Integrity

Having a single point of reference means there are no conflicting instances of data.

Data Lineage

A bridge from segmented data management to one central, standardized system.

Reporting Capabilities

Reduce time spent on data maintenance giving you access to insight you didn’t have before.

Data Validation

Access to reliable and comprehensive data, providing a more holistic patient overview.

Enhanced Onboarding

Guided implementation and training – no “good bye and good luck!”

Dashboard Visualization

Get a bird’s eye view of it all from a dashboard designed specifically with ACOs and HIEs in mind.

LiveArchive Financial ensures that your medical office can continue to bill patients from your previous system without having to maintain and pay for your old PM system. Financial Archive is an easy way to store critical patient financial data, maintain cash flow and revenue potential, while remaining compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulations.

LiveArchive Financial

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