Creating Healthcare Connections

Our HIMSS direct patient scheduling demonstration

HIMSS18 was a phenomenal experience, with an amazing peek at the digital evolution of health care technology. We’ve all come to rely on real-time notifications and immediate access to information on our mobile devices. Our live demo showcasing a heart attack patient’s digital healthcare journey was one small peek into how Byte Sized Solutions is working to help enable providers to keep pace.

Through FHIR Ops technology, we can reach the busy lives of our customers with valuable services like Direct Patient Scheduling, Care History Access and Online Messaging to keep patients and providers connected wherever they are.

To try our Direct Patient Scheduling tool in real time, just text your name and and the name of your business to 720-605-6563. Give it a try, and instantly see how much easier mobile-friendly technology can make patient care management.


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FHIR Ops gives you a sophisticated data access redundancy strategy. This granular control gets wrapped up in an easy-to-consume API that is already positioned where FHIR will be in 2-3 years.

Using intelligent data source routing algorithms helps future-proof your integration. As more FHIR resources become stable, they’ll be prioritized over using each EMR vendor’s proprietary APIs or direct database calls.


As consumers become more accustomed to real-time notifications and immediate access to information online and on their mobile device, healthcare providers need to keep pace.

Through FHIR Ops, we can reach the busy lives of our customers and provide value with services like Direct Patient Scheduling, Care History Access and Online Messaging to keep patients and providers connected no matter where they are.


Data variation means huge overhead for everyone involved, from analysts and developers to patients and providers, obscuring the already complex path to improving a patient’s health.

The goal is to keep the data stable while still progressing on the innovation and services front. FHIR Ops has:

  • Development made easy. Regardless of the EMR or hospital system you are connecting to, there is a single endpoint to interact with.
  • The ability to pass any non-conformant data without loss in a metadata key/value pair object, ensuring that no data available in any EMR gets trimmed.

FHIR Ops allows you to send and receive data with most major EMRs without changing a single line of code.

Direct Patient Scheduling
Powered by FHIR Ops

With Direct Patient Scheduling, we've built a robust patient engagement solution that can be custom tailored to your needs.

Platform agnostic, turnkey automation in any Practice Management system

Get up and running quickly with fast setup and deployment

Efficient and meaningful patient interaction with configurable business rules

Patients immediately qualified with built-in system pre-checks and safety checks

Accommodate an unlimited number of providers, specialties and locations with a wide variety of EMRs and PMs

Scalable patient engagement outreach capabilities through mobile text, voice and email

Ability to formulate push campaigns to actively bring patients to your portal

HIPAA Compliant

Provider &

FHIR Ops is the next step in the digital evolution of healthcare management. Patients and providers alike will share in the benefit of secure and unprecedented ease of access to the healthcare data that underpins their daily lives.

Appointment availability is automatically populated with real-time data, preventing double-booking and allowing for immediate replacement for cancellations

Reduces the volume of and time spent managing paperwork and forms

Patients can make appointments at their convenience, 24/7, from anywhere

Allows you to more efficiently manage chronic care patients while helping to advance value-based care