Data Sciences

Using advanced statistical analysis to understand ACO data and data flow and proactively act


Let’s face it…
ACO Data is Complex and Messy

Sure there are standards, but payer adherence to the standards can vary significantly as can the populations managed. Our consultants can not only normalize all of the data, but create statistical profiles that detect trends both for individual payers as well as across payer allowing ACOs to predict where their business is going before it gets there.

Additionally, ACOs have to plan for receiving bad data from payers that isn’t obviously bad. In the past, this data was processed into core business critical systems and sent on to other downstream systems. When the bad data was detected, it was too late. Decisions had been made. Clawing back data is terribly time consuming and disruptive to operations. Using data science tools, we can use machine learning and statistical analysis to identify anomalous or problematic data before it has been processed into core systems. We’re able to marry together domain expertise, computer science, and mathematics to analyze the hallmarks of good data and raise flags when incoming data doesn’t match.