Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions

Enabling segmented enterprises to standardize critical data and access this common point of reference for reporting and management.

Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions

Data management is a weighty responsibility for any healthcare organization. MDM solutions are a lifeline in this sector, allowing segmented enterprises to standardize and pool critical data into a single database, and pull from this common point of reference for reporting and management.

With an MDM solution in place, Accountable Care Organizations, Health Information Exchanges and organizations involved in merger or acquisition processes can accurately consolidate information on patient identities and activities from disparate systems. By channeling cross-organizational data into a master database with integrity assurance, ACOs and HIEs gain more efficient access to reliable business intelligence, allowing for faster reporting and smarter analysis.

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MDM Benefits

Data Integrity

Having a single point of reference means there are no conflicting instances of data.

Data Lineage

A bridge from segmented data management to one central, standardized system.

Reporting Capabilities

Reduce time spent on data maintenance giving you access to insight you didn’t have before.

Data Validation

Access to reliable and comprehensive data, providing a more holistic patient overview.

Enhanced Onboarding

Guided implementation and training – no “good bye and good luck!”

Dashboard Visualization

Get a bird’s eye view of it all from a dashboard designed specifically with ACOs and HIEs in mind.