We Simplify Healthcare.

Byte Sized Solutions is a technology company focused on simplifying healthcare IT. 

With healthcare more dependent on information technology than ever before, we’ll help you integrate disparate systems, improve ever-changing workflow processes and satisfy government mandates - all while improving the delivery of care and lowering costs. 

Our consultants understand the complexity of this environment and the systems you use every day.  That knowledge lets us apply innovative processes and novel utilities to improve your IT infrastructure and core system performance, making life better for everyone in your organization.


"We’re efficiency experts. In a world of three week discovery projects and 40-page SOWs followed by six months of development time, we’ll get it done in a week! It’s not rare for us to estimate a project at three days of work and be told a competing estimate was four weeks."

-Steve Buttitta | President, Byte Sized Solutions

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